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Friday, June 5, 2009

World of Warcraft = Fun fun fun


Well have been playing this game for 2 weeks now and there is no denying i love it . Just posting some random screenshots i took :)



The miracle of Birth






The Globe Trekker 




This happened yesterday . This bloody dragon is a Lvl 47 Elite and i am lvl 27 Dark Priest . The vast difference in lvls and eliteness and the fact that i am gonna die in one hit .. doesnt really stop me from killing him lol. The bastard killed me 10 times . I followed him for hours . Tracked him down and killed him with the help of a friend . Revenge is sweet . The reward isnt …  got only 10 silver for killing it lol :P



Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Joblessness + Boredom = Retarded Posts



Ive got 4 days of holidays for each of the 6 papers i have for my Sem 6 TE IT Engg Exams . Last 4 days i have been looking at the same book again and again with no ends to it . I have grown so bored of it that i am doing this .



You yes you .. we want your attention . You Ask me Who is the other one in We ? Its Devdeep and Devdeep and Devdeep and Devdeep again.



Snapshot_20090525_13 Snapshot_20090525_11


Hello !! I am all over the place aint i ? I Rulezz




You think this is funny ? Think again . Come to the dark side ill give you cookies or you can join my force in making the spongebob army .



Yup Join our army … it is fun .. and we have square heads too smile_teeth. We shall fight the martians .




You cant beat us martians … I bet traingular heads are much stronger then squared once. We shall kick you ass and steal your bunnies.




Did some one mention a bunny ???




Get back to your burrow i say !!!!



Ok i guess this is getting more lame .. You guys pretty much got the point how bored i am .



Monday, May 18, 2009

Stupid Book Titles


These are some of the most stupidest book titles i have come across .



1) Men are from Mars and women are from Venus by John Gray ( 50 million)

Interesting but could someone please tell me who do they still manage to cross the planet barrier and have sex and have kids . And what planet would the kids be from ?



2)Who Moved my Cheese by Spencer Johnson ( 10 million copies sold )

Dude seriously you expect people to spend money on your book so they  can figure out why the fuck is your cheese missing . Instead Why cant they go buy some more cheese from the supermarket which is much cheaper . Maybe i am wrong here but 10 million people did seem to be interested .


3)What colour is your parachute ? by Richard Bolles ( 10 million copies sold)

So now people need to be fashion conscious even while saving there llives ? Does it really matter if i get my ass saved from squishing if i am in a pink or blue parachute ?


4)Captain Underpants by Dave Pilkey (26 million copies sold )

Ok best part is this is a kids book . Is this what they mean by sex education at young age ? Or is the author giving lessons to kids on how to get into underpants smile_teeth?



5)The no.1 Ladies Detective Agency by  Alexander Smtih ( 15 million )

Seriosuly ? A ladies detective agency .. i mean seriously ? So do they like find out about missing earrings and stuff ?


Saturday, May 16, 2009

I am awesome … True Story




Our awesome world was not so awesome until the recent awesome era came into its true awesomeness. Before this awesome era , our awesome world was deprived of awesome people and hence a cloud of not so awesomeness used to reduce the awesomosity of the awesome world.  Hate to non awesomify the existence of those not so awesome people but the truth is that our world definately needed to get back in its awesomeness. And then came the awesome me . Suddenly under a fraction of awesomosity the world started to ge back its awesomeness. Why did the awesomeness start awesoming again you ask in an awesome manner ? Because the awesome miracle of the awesome birth of awesome me awesomified the awesomness of our awesome world. What is so awesomly awesome about my awesomeness is that the aura of awesomeness due to my awesomosity makes all the other awesome people feel more awesome so that they awesomify the awesomeness of other awesome people around them. This awesome phenomena of awesomeness is what has truly brought this awesome world to its epic awesomic awesomeness.



Thursday, April 30, 2009




They are taking the hobbits to Eisenguard !!!! Stop them now !!!! .


This is the most bloody catchy tune i have ever heard and it is stuck in my head to the extent that my brain is already mentally preparing for a battle at eisenguard. Lol .




Monday, April 27, 2009

A R Rahman FTW !!!

music_note Usually i prefer to keep myself away from hindi music . But i just came across a few old A R Rahman masterpieces which i am in love with . Most of you might be well aware with these songs.



Movie – Roja . Song – Ye haseen Waadiyan


Movie – Bombay . Song – Hai Rama ye kya hua

Friday, April 24, 2009

Dining Philosopher's Problem


I am finally done with my system software and operating system orals .They were good and i’m expecting a good score. Although studying for 2 nights in a row without sleep was tiring i did come across one of the funniest illustration of my life.


Deadlock – A deadlock is a situation in which two computer programs sharing the same resource are effectively preventing each other from accessing the resource, resulting in both programs ceasing to function.


To understand this here is the most hilarious example of the century .


During olden ages there used to 5 witty philosophers whose only aim in life were to think and eat . Now one fine day they realised that they should eat spaghetti to increase their brains because spaghetti has proteins. Since  these philosophers were rich filthy bastards with loads of table manners and shit ( who knows maybe they were British :P ) they were trained to eat with two forks only and they had to start by picking the fork with the left hand first . And without 2 forks they would not eat .


* I swear im not drunk , this is true !!!! . Google it :P *


So they proceed towards a dining hall with 5 bowls of spaghetti and 5 forks present. Each of them grabs a fork with the left hand and realises that there are no more left. Thus a deadlock occurs :P


*hhahahaahahahahahahahaahahahah ok i cant control laughing but its true !!! *


Solution : Keep a guard to allow only 4 people at a time so one fork is free to use. Now 3 people can stare while one finishes off his food . Thus although there is starvation for a while but everyone does get to eat in the end.


Or they could buy a new fork  or maybe turn Indian and start eating without forks Lol .



------------------------ ABOVE is what the reference book says ---------------------------------



I find a major flaw in this logic .


1) If the philosophers are filthy rich bastards who refuse to eat without 2 forks . Why would they prefer a used fork after the first guy is done eating !


2) What if the guard is hungry too ?? Then making the 5th person stay outside is pointless.



Solution – Think Indian again . Get a maid who will clean the forks after use and since she doesn't have table manners like the pathetic rick freaks … she could just do eating with bare hands in case she gets hungry .



O_o thanks taurius1 for giving the idea to put in on a blog .. i know u were gonna do it .. but i coudnt resist !!!!  Credits to this man too  THE MAN